Example In-Class Activity:

Now that we have almost completed our discussion of intelligence, I’d like for you to spend time thinking about the implications of the different theories of intelligence. At present most school systems work under the traditional model of intelligence, and you are tested for readiness for higher education by tests that examine your verbal and math skills only. I’d like for you now to think abut the following question:
What if schools worked under a model of multiple intelligences?
Consider the following questions:
How would in-class teaching be different? (Groups 1 and 5)
How would homework assignments and other assessments (including items like the SAT/GRE) be different? (Groups 2 and 4)
What would be the potential challenges of ascribing to this model? (Groups 3 and 6)
After about 10 minutes, we will come back together and discuss your ideas as a class.

Example Exam Questions:

Please click the following link to download some example exam questions (Microsoft Word format): Download Intelligence Example Exam Questions CJF

Example Presentation Slides:

Please click the following link to download presentation slides (Microsoft PowerPoint format): Download Intelligence Slides CJF