Feedback from Student End-of-Course Evaluations

From my Fall 2012 Statistics class (Enrollment: 75)

“Professor Fleming is amazing at her job; she knows what she’s teaching and loves doing it. She’s always been very accessible and approachable outside of class. All of the material she presents is useful and pertinent to the topic, and is useful in other classes.”

“Professor Fleming is a very effective instructor. She handles her large class well, understands her subject, and is able to teach it effectively, and has a special enthusiasm for teaching shown in the quirky, funny, informational videos she sometimes uses to get the classes attention.”

“I think she’s absolutely great, teaches the subject in a way very easily understandable. The course is very well organized and she does a great job with all the different aspects. She obviously is extremely invested in truly wanting us to succeed.”

“Very prepared and is able to convey the information very well. All of her assignments are difficult but useful.”

“Made stats easy.”

“CJ Fleming is great at organizing and creating a clear track to follow throughout the semester. She is willing to work with students in order to help us all succeed in her class.”

From my Spring 2013 Couples and Intimacy Seminar (Enrollment: 11)

“A very good instructor. Really like her grading system and the structure of the class! A really enjoyable seminar.”

“She was very approachable and knowledgeable about the subject. Her enthusiasm was clear in every class and she created an amazing open space that encouraged discussion.”

“Great instructor – respects everyone’s opinions and allows everyone to talk. Encourages communication and assigns a proper amount of homework.”

“CJ has been great! She has been extremely helpful and a great resource. The class has been one of my favorite so far. I liked her way of teaching the material and her discussion based-approach.”