Example In-Class Activity:

For homework this week, you completed a personality test based on the Big 5 Model (http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/). As we start class, take a moment to make a few notes to yourself about how you think that your personality traits have made an impact in your close relationships, and how personality differences might have an effect in relationships in general. Then, turn to your neighbor and discuss this together. After a few minutes, we will reconvene and discuss this as a group in relation to your readings in the book.

Example Paper Grading Criteria:

Technical Requirements:

Paper should be 8-10 pages, double spaced, 12 point “normal” font. Paper should not be written in first person.

Paper should be written in APA style, both in text and in the references at the end.
Please use the following (or similar) as a guide: http://www.library.cornell.edu/resrch/citmanage/apa

An empirical journal article:
Does NOT come from Wikipedia
Is NOT a news article
Comes from an academic database (such as PsycInfo)

Paper will be graded based on the following criteria:
- Adherence to technical requirements (An “A” paper will be in APA style throughout, properly formatted, and cite at least 5 academic articles. Incorrect citations, fewer than 5 articles, or noticeable formatting issues will result in deductions.)
- Depth/Coherence (An “A” paper will evaluate and integrate information from different articles, rather than simply summarizing. Deductions will occur for summary-only descriptions and for papers with articles that all address the same facet of an issue.)
- Clarity (An “A” paper will read clearly and be well organized. Poor editing and confusing structure will be marked down)

Example Quiz:

Please click the following link to download a quiz (Microsoft Word format): Download Quiz